Shipping Policy

Shipping is usually an easy thing to deal with, unfortunately not all our items fall under a normal sized shipping item, that has a box, and is usually smaller in size. These circumstances have required us to introduce a policy on shipping for items that aren't covered by our standard shipping procedures.

These new shipping policies are as follows:

1. We're offering Free Shipping on orders that total $1500 or more. Use promo code "BigSpender" during Checkout to receive your order without any shipping costs at all.

2. For normal shipments on items that aren't large, such as cleaners and wrenches, these items can be placed inside a box and shipped with the normal flat rate of shipping using the normal or large order shipping options at check out.

3. For unusual or odd items, such as fender's or heavy items that do not contain a box, these items normally require a shipping crate or various other forms of shipping container, and have additional freight costs. These items have to be purchased separately, with their own invoice and order number. This will prevent confusion and allow specialty shipping rates to be applied for safe and speedy delivery. Orders that do not follow these policies and order procedures will be cancelled, refunded and not fulfilled. These items with special shipping conditions will have special notices pointing out these shipping conditions.

These shipping conditions are subject to change at anytime!