Dover Brake Inc. Services

To schedule a service or if you have any other questions call (800) 547-7300 


Alignment services are available for heavy duty and automotive. Contact our service manager to schedule an appointment.

Custom lines and hoses

Stainless steel braided and rubber lines. We can make custom hydraulic lines up to 1 1/4".

Parts Delivery

In some situations the parts need to come to your location, and as such, we do offer delivery service in certain situations and locations. Please call (800) 547-7300 for further information and requests, we may be able to help you out sooner than you think!

Brake Relining

Reline your worn out brake shoes. Our highly trained personnel ensure that shoes and linings are prepared, fitted, and riveted to the highest industrial standards. We re-manufacture shoes in house and we also sell new shoes.


We provide repair services for most situations. Although internal engine services are currently not available, engine servicing is available. 


We provide premier custom bonding services for our customers. This service not only includes brake shoe bonding, but also bonding for industrial components.

Beam Rebushing

Worn bushings are a primary cause for tire wear and in extreme cases can have an effect on steering and control of the vehicle. A noticeable amount of articulation in the tandem axles and driver complaints are a good indication that rebushing is needed. 

Custom U-Bolts

Holding a twisting, bouncing axle securely to a leaf spring has always been accomplished with a simple U-Bolt. We provide quality bent, threaded, and machined U-Bolts. Our different die designs include Round, Semi-Round, Square, and Demi-round. Custom U-Bolts are available for almost any application. We are able to bend U-bolts up to 1 1/8" diameter.

U BOLT Dim.png

A = Diameter of Bolt

2B + C = Length of U-Bolt

R = Die Design